How Staging Your Home Can Help You Sell It For More Money

Dated: October 18 2021

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How Staging Your Home Can Help You Sell it for More Money  

Stage Your Home For More Money

With record sales price growth in the Tampa Bay housing market, sellers are more anxious than ever to capitalize on the hot market in hopes of getting top dollar for their homes.

At The Sandy Hartmann Group, we’ve sold thousands of homes in the Tampa Bay area over the last 30+ years. We’re often asked by sellers what can be done to help them get the most money for their real estate investments when it comes time to sell. One of our TOP recommendations has always been home staging. This expense is hands down one of the BEST things a seller can do to make their home shine.

So What is Home Staging?

For those of you who have heard about home staging, but never needed it until now, here’s what you need to know about it:

  • Home Staging companies are similar to interior design firms and are paid to come into your home and ‘stage’ it to attract the ideal buyer. They often bring in their own furniture, accessories, and décor to make your home shine. Their rates are determined based on the size of the home, how many areas they are staging, and how many items they put inside the home.

  • They often select furnishings that go with the style of the home. A very contemporary luxury home will not be staged the same as a small, historic St Pete bungalow.

  • Home stagers follow the latest trends in interior design. They are constantly adding new inventory to their warehouses to make sure the homes they stage look their very best.

  • The goal is to make buyers walk into your home and fall in love with it. Stagers have a knack for creating inviting living spaces that enhance a home’s most desirable features.  A great home staging company can make even the most awkward or unique spaces feel usable and more attractive to buyers.

  • Even if your home is not vacant, home stagers can help. Let’s say you’re still living in your home and just need to make it look it’s best white it’s for sale…A great home stager will have you whisking away items that don’t help your home’s appearance and can even rearrange your furnishings to open up the space or make it look larger. Many staging companies are happy to try and use some of your furnishings and décor while incorporating some of their own too. They’ll give you honest, unbiased opinions on what to leave in the house and what to remove.

Is Home Staging Really Worth the Money??

We often get asked if home staging is really worth the money, from experience we can tell you it absolutely is, especially if you’re thinking about selling a vacant home. According to the National Association of Realtors, a recent poll indicated that a whopping 81% of home buyers said home staging made it easier for them to visualize a property as their future home.

Home Staging Statistics

According to the biennial report, home staging also “increased the sum buyers were willing to spend for a property.” The majority of buyer’s agents and listing agents polled in the report agreed that home staging raised the dollar amount buyers were willing to pay for a property by as much as 5%. On a $500,000 home, that’s an additional $25k that home staging can get a seller.

Another interesting fact from the report was how popular TV shows that depict the home buying process have influenced buyers over the years. According to Buyer’s Agents across the country that were surveyed, 61% said TV shows influenced the way buyers thought a home should look. 68% of those Realtors said their buyers were often disappointed by how homes looked when they were shopping, compared to what TV shows depicted.

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While it’s true that the Florida housing market has been hot over the past 2 years and counting, staging a home to sell quickly and for top dollar is still an important factor to consider in the home selling process.

Not sure if your home needs staging or not? Call us at (727) 400-3315 to schedule an in-person meeting with one of our listing specialists to find out if you’re home would benefit from staging services.

Need a great home stager to help? We can recommend those too! Contact Us Today.

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