Home Office Updates You Need Right Now

Dated: September 21 2021

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Home Office Updates You Need Right Now

Home Office Updates You Need Right Now

Working from home is a newly embraced style of employment for many homeowners around the country thanks to the recent Pandemic. While working from home can offer more convenience (run that load of laundry while you work and prep dinner in between meetings!) it can also be a reminder that your home office is not set up nearly as efficiently as your regular office was.

Check Out Our 5 Favorite Updates Below to Make Your Home Office Shine:

Home Office Updates You Need Right Now

Add a Soft Light Desk Lamp And Open Those Blinds

Take advice from multiple studies that have shown adding soft lighting to your desk is not only easier on your eyes when you’re in front of a computer all day, but additional light will add a softer, cozier feeling to your work space. Many studies also show that natural sunlight will promote a more positive and productive mental state, so be sure to open those blinds too! Pro Tip- Snag a desk lamp with a handy built-in USB charger to keep your phone and other devices charging while you work.

Home Office Updates You Need Right Now

Add a White Board for Ideas and Inspiration

It happens to all of us, we have some great ideas we want to spearhead for the day and then the phone rings, emails come in, and other tasks get in the way. Before you know it, that great idea you had is out of sight and out of mind. Hang a simple whiteboard in your office and write down your ideas as they come to you. This is a great way to map out your goals for the day/week/month and keep them in front of you. Bonus points if you use the whiteboard for your daily to-do list as well.  

Home Office Updates You Need Right NowInvest in a Reliable Wifi Router to Keep Your Internet Operating Fast

Having a reliable internet connection when working from home is a crucial part of remote work (and your mental health!). Be sure to invest in a quality router that can keep your connection running smoothly. Often times, buying an upgraded router will provide you with faster internet speeds and a larger coverage area throughout your home compared to the one your internet provider gives you (which will often result in spotty coverage and internet speeds).

Check out this one we found for under $100 with up to 1500 Sq Ft of coverage by clicking here.

Home Office Updates You Need Right Now

Consider Using a Standing Desk or Standing Desk Converter

 We all know sitting all day is bad for our health. It’s even easier to eat at your desk and work extra hours from the comfort of your own home. To reduce sitting time, consider investing in a standing desk OR a convenient standing desk converter, which is placed on top of your normal desk. Your back and posture will thank us later!

Not ready to purchase a new desk? Try a handy Standing Desk Converter like this one for the same benefits with your current desk.

Home Office Updates You Need Right Now

Add a Pop of Color and a House Plant

Okay, this is really 2 things, but technically both of them relate to office décor…You’d be surprised how adding a pop of color, whether it be a painted accent wall or a bright picture hung beside your desk, can boost productivity and keep your mind clear. The same goes for adding a plant to your workspace. Pick something simple like a succulent or a money tree that requires basic care. Studies have shown adding a plant near your workspace can boost mental stamina, clean the air, and make you more productive!

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