10 Ways To Prepare Your Home To Sell For More Money

Dated: March 26 2024

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10 Ways to Prepare Your Home to Sell for More Money

10 Ways to Prepare Your Home to Sell for More Money

In our ever-changing housing market, we pride ourselves on helping our clients get top dollar for their homes! Read below to see our top 10 ways to prepare a home to sell for more money. Then call us at The Sandy Hartmann Group to find out more about listing a home with one of the top real estate teams in Pinellas County and the Greater Tampa Bay area!

  1. Remove Old Wallpaper and Add Fresh Paint- Have an older bathroom or kitchen that could use some updating? Removing wallpaper and adding a bright, neutral color to the walls is one of the BEST updates you can make if you’re not up for a full remodel. Check out ‘Do-it’yourself’ articles on this or hire a reputable painter to remove it and handle for you.

  2. Replace or Repair Broken Appliances and Fixtures- This may seem like a no-brainer, but we see sellers list homes all the time that have broken dishwashers, ranges, or light fixtures & fans that need to be replaced. Make sure your home is in tip-top working order before it’s listed for sale. This will result in simpler inspections and prevent buyers from feeling like the home has too much deferred maintenance to take on. This can also prevent buyers from asking for hefty price reductions after the inspections. 10 Ways To Prepare Your Home To Sell For More Money

  3. Clean Your Vents and Baseboards- Dust can build up and darken over time on A/C vents and baseboards, which can in turn make your home look and smell musty. Dark spots from dust and moisture (aka Florida humidity) will make buyers question the overall condition of the home and HVAC system, sometimes even leading to costly mold inspections for both parties. Be sure to change air filters and clean these items in advance of showing your home.

  4. Power Wash Outdoor Surfaces- This is one of the simplest and BEST maintenance items to tackle to get top dollar for a home. Driveways, sidewalks, fences, decking, should all be power washed back to their original colors to make your home shine. Over time buildup can cause stains and yellowing in these areas, making your home look prematurely aged. The return on investment for what you pay to have these items professionally power washed is often double or more what you spend.

  5. Tidy Up the Landscaping- Make sure dead or overgrown plants and trees are removed, trimmed and weeded. Flower beds should be mulched so the front of your home shines in photos (Remember, the photos get the buyers in the door!) and the lawn should continue to be watered, mowed and kept free of dead spots and weeds. Buyers will expect the interior and exterior of your home to maintained through the closing date as well. Fix any damaged or sagging portions of your fence or gates as well. 10 Ways To Prepare Your Home To Sell For More Money

  6. Check and Replace Lightbulbs as Needed- That’s right, go through your house and check the lamps, recessed lighting, fan lights, bathroom lighting and more to be sure all bulbs are in good working order. Lots of light in a home is crucial to great listing photos and an inviting atmosphere when buyers walk in.

  7. Open the Blinds or Curtains- No buyer wants to walk into a dark home or living space. Natural light is also a great way to make spaces feel larger and more inviting! Be sure to keep blinds and drapes open for photos and showings while your home is on the market. Remove any dark drapes or blinds prior to listing to make photos shine (and don’t forget to dust your windowsills and blinds!).

  8. Organize Countertops, Cabinets & Closets- A good rule of thumb is to pack up and put away 50% of your belongings to get your home ready for sale. You’re moving anyway, so get started on packing early. Trust us, you won’t need holiday décor, large amounts of formalwear, extra coats, family heirlooms, and more while your home is listed for sale. Pack it up and get it out of the way so buyers can see all the great space your home has to offer! Don’t forget to put away any extra countertop appliances or utensils in the kitchen as well. 10 Ways To Prepare Your Home To Sell For More Money

  9. Take Down Personal Photos or Items- We know you know this already, so put them away! You’ll want potential buyers envisioning themselves living in your home…not Aunt Mary and all your extended relatives. Put away photo frames, cute artwork on the fridge from the kids, and anything else that’s personalized to you and your family.

  10. Make Your Front Entry Shine- From the moment buyers pull up to your home, they should feel welcome and excited to see it.This starts at the front door. Add a planter on each side of the door, a new doormat, and pressure wash off any stains, cobwebs, and debris. Make sure steps and handrails (if you have them) are secured, free of rust/paint chips, and in good overall condition. If your front door needs a fresh coat of paint, pick a color that ‘pops’ against the exterior color of your home. Replace any broken or damaged hardware on the door as well.

These 10 tips are sure to increase the amount of money you receive for you home. Want to find out more about how to get top dollar when you’re ready to sell? Call us at (727) 400-3315 to get in touch with one of our listing professionals! We have all the tips and tricks you’ll need to go from ‘For Sale’ to ‘Record Sale Price’ in no time!

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