Declutter Your Kitchen In 5 Simple Steps

Dated: September 1 2021

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De-Clutter Your Kitchen in 5 Simple Steps

5 Simple Steps to Declutter Your Kitchen

It happens to the best of us, we move into our homes, settle in and over the years the clutter begins to pile up. Before we know it, we have drawers and cabinets full of items that we never use and frankly make us dread opening those cabinets and drawers! The kitchen, which is often the heart of our homes, is one of the biggest suspects when it comes to a cluttered home. Check out 5 ways to de-clutter and make more space in your kitchen below:

Get Rid of All Those Old Coffee Mugs, Thermos’ and Drink Coolers- We’re all guilty of this. You get a cute mug here and there while traveling or in that office gift exchange and before you know it, you have an entire cabinet full of mismatch mugs, drink coolers and old thermos’ you never use anymore (or never did). My rule of thumb, if it has no sentimental value and you haven’t used it in 8-12 months, recycle or donate it. These items take up SO MUCH SPACE in your kitchen! Save only the prettiest ones or matching sets you’ll actually use, like the one below! :)

Keep this one...

Small Kitchen Appliances- If you don’t use it, get rid of it. When I remodeled my kitchen last year, I was forced to come to terms with old coffee makers jammed in the back of overhead cabinets, a blender that had worn out (and already replaced!) and a toaster we NEVER used because we have an awesome toaster oven now that multitasks for us and the kids. Small appliances can gradually take up more room than anything else in your home. Toss em’ if they don’t work right or donate/consign them if they’re in good shape.

Get Rid of Those Old or Extra Appliances!

Extra Serving Platters- It’s easy to build a collection of serving platters from special events or items you’ve been gifted over the years that you no longer have any use for. These items are often odd shapes and sizes, making it tough to store them. Donate or consign any nice ones and only keep the ones you actually use. Do you really need 4 cake stands? (If so, please remember to invite me over to eat all the delicious things you must be baking).

How Many of These Can You Really Use at Once??

Mismatch Tupperware- If there’s no lid, scrap it! How many times have you gone into your Tupperware drawer or cabinet and dreaded looking for a matching lid to the container you need? Tossing anything that has become worn out or stained over the years needs to go. Try to stick with matching sets so lids are interchangeable and if you can use oven-safe glass containers you get bonus points for making those storage containers multi-task for you!

Storage Organization

Extra Cooking Utensils- Do you really need 4 sets of grill tongs? Has your utensil drawer started to resemble a junk drawer? Throw out or donate anything that’s not in great shape or regularly used. This goes for old wooden spoons, that can opener that’s never worked quite right and that dull potato peeler sitting right next to the new one you bought to replace it 6 months ago! Places like Home Goods and Bed/Bath & Beyond have a variety of drawer inserts to organize odd or over-sized utensils. No drawer space, buy a pretty canister or find something unique at a local consignment or thrift shop to put on the counter to hold them.

Utensil Drawer Organizer at Wayfair

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